TBR/Review List...

As I accept requests I will add them here (in no particular order). As I finish them I will remove them and possibly add them to the "Books In My Nook" section..

Safe ~ Dawn Husted
Contessa ~ Lori L. Otto
Losing It All ~ Marsha Cornelius
Necessary Sacrifices ~ Zoe Cannon
Wild Roses ~ Bob Elisberg
Wicked Magic ~ Sandra Madera
Weeping Willow (part 1) ~ Sandra Madera
Weeping Willow (part 2) ~ Sandra Madera
Desperation ~ D.W. Carver
Taste Of Insanity ~ Morenike
Beyond Birkie Fever ~ Walter Rhein
Harrow ~ By Eric Henson
Kergulen ~ By R.A. White
Falling ~ By Amber Jaeger
The Accidental Siren ~ By Jake Vander Ark
Hold On ~ By Amelia Mysko
Invisible ~ By Cecily Anne Paterson
A Hairy Tail ~ By Jamie Campbell
Other Echoes ~ By Noe Dearden
The Rocks Below ~ By Nigel P. Bird
Screwed ~ By Laurie Pilsner
Hopeless ~ By Colleen Hoover
The After Girls ~ By Leah Konen
Inseperable ~ Missy Johnson
The Bully ~ Colby Jones
All Is Bright ~ Sarah Pekkanen
Me Again ~ Keith Cronin
Dark Creatures: Gabriel Rising (P. 1&2) ~ Jennifer & Christopher Martucci
Glimpse (Zellie Wells #1) ~ Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon Book #1) ~ A.M. Hargrove
The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden ~ Jessica Sorensen
Lie Still ~ Julia Heaberlin

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